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The dream about travelling for a long time and experiencing other sides of life than school and work is quite common. Unfortunately, not so many people take the step to actually fulfilling their dream. Through "STOREFRI" (pronounced "stoohreyfree") four young men has taken their dream seriously, setting out in a small vessel from Norway, September 1999. 10 months and 10 000 nautical miles later they   will be back in Norway.

During the trip we will have visited England, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Barbados, Venezuela, Cuba and a number of small Caribbean islands.  

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Morna, Morris and Ali onboard.
(Dees was not in the picture when the photo was developed.)

Storefri has four inhabitants. Ali, Morna, Morris and Dees. They are not childhood mates. They met during studying technical engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Occasionally, if you happen to meet us, you might hear us sing a cappella. In Trondheim, three of us sung in a choir - Trondhjems Studentersangforening - and the fourth guy is an eager solo singer and guitar player. Singing often "breaks the ice" very efficiently, so we sing whenever we have the chance.

During the trip we will write letters - in Norwegian -  that are published on this site. We are a bit reluctant to translate our letters into English, since 1 - we do not know how many English readers we have (give us a hint, please...mail us at - we are very eager to receiving e-mail) and 2 - it takes us quite some time to translate. BUT if we do get the impression that we have many English visitors, we will revise our decision. However, our letters contain plenty of pictures that should give an idea on how we are doing. The letters are accessed from the map on the front page.

The Crew onboard Storefri

Allister Svein Kindingstad, Ali, is fully through mister nice-guy. Almost too nice. He thinks a lot. He thinks though everything he does once, twice, and then again before doing something. Everything he does is analyzed down to the smallest detail. He spent two months to decide if he would come along with Storefri. Lucky for the other three, he decided to come. Unvaluable to have onboard when we want something really good to eat. He's our best cook.

Ali is 28 years old and bachelor. He plays the guitar, trombone (luckily there's none on board) and sings bass in the Storefri quartet. Before he boarded Storefri, he worked at the Norwegian telecom company Telenor, where he (hopefully) will continue working upon return. Write to Ali on


Morna, our captain.
- a trustworthy bloke?
(sweep your pointer over the picture)
Morten Olsen Nauen, Morna, is mister Fixit himself. Morna has, together with Morris, fixed most of the fixable and unfixable stuff on Storefri. He is 25 years old and bachelor. He plays the guitar, (ask him to do "American Pie"!) and sings tenor in the Storefri quartet. Morna will take over his fathers bellfoundry when he graduates from the Norwegian Univerity of Technology and Science (NUTS). He knows almost everything about bells. He made Storefri a shipsbell before we left Norway. Morna gets his mail at
Morten Wexels Riser, Morris, comes from the middle part of Norway, Trøndelag, and he's always happy. Normally, he studies at NUTS as well. He got his first combustion engine when he was 5 years old. He is an expert on diesel engines, and, how fortunate, Storefri has a diesel engine. Morris is 24 years old and also bachelor.
Usually, he rides a motorbike, a 1100 cc Suzuki. Two weeks before he left with Storefri, he got a flat front tire doing 50 miles/hour in a tunnel. One week before he left, he hit a raccoon in a curve doing 60 m/h. He is considering selling his bike when he returns to Norway. Send a mail to Morris at


Dees, not really a sailor
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Eivind Dees Tellefsen. Dees is  27 years of age, and grew up in Oppsal in Oslo. He has a keen interest on everything from model airplanes to philosophical thoughts, - and oh, - nearly forgot, - Sega Rally. He is a jolly good guy with a good sense of humor, and we enjoy his jokes onboard.


Dees enjoys a good party and the sweet company of the ladies. He also likes a challenge every now and then. This adventure is one of them. Dees, like Ali,  jumped onboard Storefri without any experience of sailing, and without really knowing what it would be like. Dees is a bachelor for the time being, and an expert on computer information security at the auditing company, Arthur Andersen, back in Norway. He sings the lead vocal of Storefri quartet with elegance and passion. Dees is happy to receive e-mail on


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